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When you become a collaborator with Recruit for Spouses you are helping to support a network of military spouses across the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth back into work or to focus on their career for the first time in years and in turn rebuild their self-worth.

Our experience and strengths at RFS are second to none, we are military spouses so we understand the challenges military spouses face and therefore what we need to help this resilient group to rebuild confidence and careers.

Get in touch with Ella to learn more about how you can collaborate with Recruit for Spouses.

Host an Insight Workshop

Hosting an Insight Workshop with RfS allows you to collaborate and create a bespoke package to offer our community based on your strengths and unique industry insight.

In response to COVID all of our workshops and courses are currently delivered using leading virtual platforms meaning you are able to share your insights, values and expertise with a larger audience.

Values & Company Culture

What are corporate/organisational values and why are they important to understand?

Discover individual values and how to align them successfully with a chosen career path.

The military spouse leaves the session knowing themselves better, which boosts confidence and identifies purpose.

You, our collaborative hosts, are able to share insights into your company culture, spreading your organisations message on values and why they’re so important.

Personal Branding

A bespoke CV and cover letter workshop for the military spouse – delivered by our in-house specialist with a background in HR and recruitment.

Our global delivery partner introduces a LinkedIn toolkit to explain the importance of LinkedIn and provide guidance, hints and tips to creating a successful LinkedIn profile.

You are invited to contribute by providing your industry specific experience and insight into recruitment practices in your field.

Practical Workshop

A two- part workshop hosted alongside our collaborators whereby we introduce their recruitment process specific to their sector.

We invite our collaborators to take the lead in introducing our audience to various elements from within their organisation, whether it’s a day in the life of particular department, a conversation with their HR manager or a one on one with a leader of industry.

Get in touch with Becky to learn more about how an insight workshop would work for your business.

"The workshops were extremely useful, I learnt so much during these 3 days and with all tips and guidelines I got hopefully I will find a new job soon. Feel motivated and more self-confident for sure."

Tick your armed forces covenant criteria

Forces Friendly

Promote being armed forces-friendly and open to employing reservists,
armed forces veterans (including the wounded, injured and sick), cadet
instructors and military spouses/partners

Selection Processes

The employer must proactively demonstrate that service
personnel/armed forces community are not unfairly disadvantaged as
part of their recruiting and selection processes


The employer must be an exemplar within their market sector,
advocating support to defence people issues to partner organisations,
suppliers and customers with tangible positive results

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Who we work with

Happy spouses

This experience has been more than helpful. It has been, in many ways, life changing.


B. Barber, Military Spouse

I found the course to be an excellent refresher of the skills I used in my previous roles, and also a confidence booster to me, proving that I can do it again


Melody Davies, Liquid Workforce

RFS was and is the only platform that exists that really understands the struggles and plight of every Armed Forces spouse.


Rusila Halofaki